Most clients no longer need an audit due to the increases in the thresholds for obligatory audits.

However, PLCs, no matter what the limits are still require auditing as do other businesses which have an audit placed on them as a result of regulation.  In addition, shareholders can insist on an audit no matter what size the company.

An audit is a detailed review of the company's accounting records and systems.  There are prescriptive procedures required.

If an audit is required either voluntarily or as a result of legislation, we will advise you how to make this as painless as possible and to help you achieve an unqualified report.  In the event of a qualification being required we can work with you to help remove the need for that qualification in the future.

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Established in 1991 based in Epsom Surrey, CWM use technology to its fullest extent enabling us to work with clients based anywhere, with maximum efficiency resulting in lower costs.


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