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Annual Accounts

Accounts are required by almost all business clients whether they be sole traders, partnerships or limited companies.  We prepare the accounts so that the relevant tax returns can be completed and so that the accounts can be submitted to the relevant authorities.  We agree when the accounts will be prepared and agree deadlines with you.  The earlier the accounts are prepared, the more relevant they are and the further ahead you can plan paying for your tax liabilities.

In addition it is important that clients understand their accounts.  So we take the time to explain what the accounts mean.  As part of this exercise we will, where possible, advise on ways to minimise the tax liability and help identify ares where improvements can be made to help efficiency and to help the business reach its targets.

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Start ups require a quick response and have lots to do quite apart from the administrative setup of the business.  We provide a complete service.


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As a general practice we have expertise in a wide range of industries.  We are also statutory auditors, enabling us to prepare reports where that status is required. 


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Certainty of costs enable planning and confidence.  We have insurance schemes available.


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We provide a range of software to help run your business and enable easy interaction with us.




About Us

Established in 1991 based in Epsom Surrey, CWM use technology to its fullest extent enabling us to work with clients based anywhere, with maximum efficiency resulting in lower costs.

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