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  • Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2013
    The purpose of this post is to point out the items from the statement which are relevant to the smaller client both private and business in as concise a way as possible. The first major point is the proposal from … Continue reading
  • Interest Rate Swaps
    Once again I have watched a Panorama programme.  I am well aware of the need to watch such programmes with scepticism. The thrust of the programme was the assertion that these products were mis-sold and the regulator has been somewhat … Continue reading
  • Doesn’t Time Fly?
    This may seem an odd post.  However, it is definitely the job of an accountant to help clients in the general running of their business and that most certainly is not limited to accounts and tax. Anyone knowing me and … Continue reading
  • Are you receiving child benefit?
    Receiving child benefit is no longer as straightforward as it used to be. From 7 January 2013 the receipt of the benefit was dependent upon the income level of each parent.  Where the income level of one of the parents … Continue reading
  • Child benefit and perceived unfairness
    Listening to the radio and in particular the radio programme with the deputy prime minister,Nick Klegg, answering for the actions of the government, I have never been more pleased not to have been involved directly in politics. A hiding to … Continue reading
  • BBC And Encouraging Tax Avoidance
    I have written posts on tax avoidance and the use of personal service companies.  There seems to be this view that the priority of everyone concerned is  tax avoidance but that is often not the reason for the establishment of … Continue reading
  • Panorama and the truth about tax
    I had to watch the Panorama programme last Monday 14th May 2012. There seems to be a notion that companies (and individuals) should pay their fair share of tax.  I am rapidly beginning to doubt that I know what the … Continue reading
  • The Shock of Millionaire Tax Avoidance
    I am not sure how to react to the fact that the Chancellor of the Exchequer was shocked by the tax avoidance schemes used by wealthy individuals to reduce their tax liability.  Possibly shocked! I am happy to say that … Continue reading
  • The London Mayoral Debate – Tax issues
    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the argument between Ken Livingstone (KL) and Boris Johnson (BJ) with regard to their personal tax liabilities.  KL of course had cast the first stone by denouncing those who seek to reduce their tax liability … Continue reading
  • Budget 2012 – The Mansion Tax
    Having only just commented on the politics of envy in relation to the 50% tax rate I find myself having to revisit this in the name of the mansion tax. Suffice to say I think I know what a mansion … Continue reading

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Start ups require a quick response and have lots to do quite apart from the administrative setup of the business.  We provide a complete service.


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As a general practice we have expertise in a wide range of industries.  We are also statutory auditors, enabling us to prepare reports where that status is required. 


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Certainty of costs enable planning and confidence.  We have insurance schemes available.


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We provide a range of software to help run your business and enable easy interaction with us.




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Established in 1991 based in Epsom Surrey, CWM use technology to its fullest extent enabling us to work with clients based anywhere, with maximum efficiency resulting in lower costs.

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