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About Us

CWM Chartered Accountants was founded by Mark Cooper in 1991 starting life as M A Cooper & Co.

Technology at that time was very different to that of today.  Faxes had not long been widely used.  Email was rarely used.  Accounting records were largely paper based and computer systems still a rarity in the small and medium sized business area.

It was obvious to us even then that the use of technology would benefit both clienta and ourselves.  Technology is only of use if it solves a problem and makes life simpler.  We embraced technology from the start.  We migrated many clients away from their manual paper based records transferring them to computer based systems suitable to their size and tyoe of business, improving their efficiency.

That process has not stopped.  Now many of our business clients have moved to cloud based systems with all the benefits that brings with it.  They are able to do that with confidence due to the knowledge and experience we have.  This is not just technology for technolgy's sake.  It ceates efficiency gains, productivity gains, cost savings and far more flexible working.  In fact the benefits gained by most clients far exceed their expectations.

Just as technology is constantly changing and evolving so is the role and relationship between the practice and our clients.  Clients demand access to better information, faster and available 24x7.  Online working with CWM enables faster response with the ability for us to truly work together.  Our File and sign system provides online access to clients with important documents, such as accounts and tax returns, online at their convenience.  Signing of documents no longer requires postal delays - electronic signitures are a reality.

As part of our service we can also provide web hosting and email facilities.  It is the job of accountants to provide services which support the business.  Due to our knowledge, we are able to provide a newly incorporated company, a chosen domain name, web hosting and email facilties usually within one working day.  Of course we will deal with all the tax setup as well including a payroll scheme and VAT registration.

We think we  have retained the best offerings from days gone by and improved by mixing it with the benefits from the technology of today.  A good example of this is our regular newsletter - available by post, email, online and via social media.

If you want to work with a firm offering traditional service and values, but also want the modern way of working, you are at the right place. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation.

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Start ups require a quick response and have lots to do quite apart from the administrative setup of the business.  We provide a complete service.


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As a general practice we have expertise in a wide range of industries.  We are also statutory auditors, enabling us to prepare reports where that status is required. 


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Certainty of costs enable planning and confidence.  We have insurance schemes available.


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We provide a range of software to help run your business and enable easy interaction with us.




About Us

Established in 1991 based in Epsom Surrey, CWM use technology to its fullest extent enabling us to work with clients based anywhere, with maximum efficiency resulting in lower costs.

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